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7.3 million XRP – a new record for XRP NFT sales

Sales onXRP’s XRPL NFT marketplace, one of the fastest growing ecosystem plans, exceeded 7.3 million XRP, founder Kai Leroy was quoted by Bithomp as saying. A total of 21, 469 NFTs were sold on the platform, followed by XRP on the platform xrp cafe, which traded 6.9 million XRP, nine times the number of NFT sales.

XRPL NFT Statistics

These numbers were achieved with the support of such a unique collection on XRP, Xpunks, which features a joint stub with the creator of onXRP and is inspired by the famous CryptoPunks NFT collection. Previously, one of the items in the collection, number 8811, sold for 108,900 XRP, equivalent to $40,000 at the time.

According to Bithomp, Xpunks currently sells for 2,432,000 XRP and has been resold a total of 961 times. 1.5 million XRP sales were made by the Bored Apes XRP Club, which is still listed on the onXRP trading platform.

In real time, the XRP ledger has issued 729, 878 NFTs, burned 113, 873, counted 616, 007 NFTs, and resold 70, 463 NFTs. Unable to read all totals. Retry, retry, retry…