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9 promising blockchain use cases in healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is one of the most rapidly evolving sectors in today’s digital age. With advances in technology, it has become easier to provide better medical care and improved patient experiences. One such technology that is gaining traction within the healthcare sector is blockchain. Blockchain offers a secure, transparent network that can be used for many different applications related to health data management and sharing. In this blog post, we will explore 9 promising use cases of blockchain in the healthcare industry:

1) Electronic Health Records (EHR): By utilizing blockchain-based EHR systems, patients have full control over their personal health information as well as access to up-to-date records from any doctor or hospital they visit worldwide; thus allowing them more autonomy when it comes to managing their own health records securely without fear of breach or manipulation by third parties.
2) Clinical Trials & Research: Blockchain can help streamline clinical trials by providing an immutable record system which allows researchers greater transparency into trial results while also reducing time spent on manual paperwork associated with traditional methods of documentation storage and retrieval processes currently employed by research teams globally . This could lead to quicker development times for new treatments or medications being tested before entering public use stages across various countries around world!
3) Drug Supply Chain Management : The current drug supply chain process involves multiple stakeholders who need access certain information about each shipment at different points along its journey from manufacturer all way through delivery destination – something which often takes considerable amount time due lack visibility/transparency between these entities involved transaction itself; however leveraging blockchain technologies would allow real–time tracking capabilities so everyone involved knows exactly where product located throughout entire lifecycle! 4) Patient Identity Verification & Authentication : As more people are turning towards online services for medical advice diagnosis etc., there needs be some form verification authentication ensure only authorized individuals accessing sensitive patient data safely securely – this where blockchains come into play providing robust identity solutions powered decentralized networks making sure no one else other than rightful owner gains access these details held within platform itself ! 5) Medical Credentialing: There are numerous organizations responsible for verifying credentials like licenses certifications degrees etc given out doctors nurses pharmacists etc before they allowed practice medicine legally but since manual process slow tedious cumbersome , using distributed ledger tech could speed up credentialing significantly ensuring quality assurance across board while keeping costs low too ! 6 ) Insurance Claims Processing : Currently insurance companies rely heavily paper documents back forth between providers payers order complete claims processing

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