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AI set to benefit from blockchain-based data infrastructure

The Rise of ChatGPT: A Spectacular Disruption in AI and Blockchain Technology

It’s been a remarkable journey for the artificial intelligence (AI)-based application, ChatGPT. Within two months of launch, it has already reached 100 million unique users with 590 million visits registered in January 2023 alone. This is no doubt an impressive feat that highlights how disruptive technologies like AI and blockchain have gained market traction over the years since Bitcoin was first introduced back in 2008.
Nowadays, there are many decentralized protocols, applications and business models available to support these new technologies. However, what most people don’t know is that behind all this hype lies an even more important factor – data infrastructure! To ensure meaningful insights from any intelligent layer or system requires high-quality data which must be stored efficiently as well as shared securely across multiple platforms or devices. As such it becomes critical to look at the entire value chain holistically so we can determine exactly what needs to be done right from collecting accurate information through processing them before they become useful for any intended purpose such as powering up machine learning algorithms etc..

In conclusion ,ChatGPT’s success clearly demonstrates just how powerful modern technology can be when leveraged correctly . It also shows us that by taking into consideration both aspects of AI & blockchain together ,we will soon see exciting possibilities come alive within their respective zones of convergence .

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