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AI Token Value Rises Amid ChatGPT Fame

Users are showing a lot of interest in AI-related crypto tokens. The surge in demand comes amid reports that Microsoft may invest in ChatGPT developer OpenAI. The Block reported.

Nine AI-related coins are up more than 50% over the past week, according to CoinGecko. However, almost all of them are classified as low liquidity. This means that it does not take much time and expense to compose a value.

ImgnAI, a token associated with an animation-based AI image generator, has seen a big surge. Prices were up 356.3% this week, with the last day’s trading value of $539, 187.
The corresponding figure for the more liquid AI token Fetch, ImgnAI, reached $161.5 million, with a one-week sales growth rate of 79.5%.

Hasib Qureshi, a managing fellow at Dragonfly Capital, believes cryptocurrencies could play a major role in the global adoption of AI. This is even more true as software, bots, and self-driving cars begin to apply funds without human intervention, he added.

  • / But there will be agents that use money, not people, companies, or governments.
    AI spends money. Self-driving cars spend money; IoT devices, software with long execution times, and even physical objects.
    Thus, the new API for cryptocurrencies will look like this
    Cryptographic address =>Money
    – Hasheeb > (@hosseeb) Jan 9, 2023

‘Artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency are very intertwined and will become more obvious as we head into the proper decade.’ Is this a good thing? Is it bad? It is not easy to explain. But we need to be prepared for an explosive combination,” writes Qureshi. .

Journalists at The Block tried to find out what ChatGPT needed the money for. The bot told them to pay their bills.
. to pay for personalized services and upgrades,” ChatGPT wrote, “just as people use funds to maintain and improve the value of their lives.

Interact with ChatGPT about the need for AI with money. Data: block.

Recall that in January the media reported Microsoft’s intention to invest $10 billion in OpenAI and acquire an additional 49% of the startup’s promotional shares.
In December 2022, the company introduced ChatGPT, an artificial ghost chatbot. It can scribble essays, answer questions, and generate code.

That same month, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin discovered the system’s programming capabilities. According to him, in the near future AI will not change people. Cannot read all the sums.

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