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Algorithmic Stable Coin Destination Djed Reaches $1.01

Rick McCracken, owner of the ADA DIGI betting pool and creator of the Cardano network, found an interesting discovery while investigating the dimensional Djed coin. According to the information, as of the morning of January 17, 2023, the price of the cryptocurrency initiated in the test network was $1, 019.

Based on positive data from the Cardano-based algorithm stablcoin, the specialist expressed doubt. The launch of Djed on the flagship network will take place soon. According to the specialist, this will be a necessary event for the blockchain ecosystem.

Djed is an additional collateralized metered coin. At least 400% of the collateral price will be used to mint each new coin. According to its official website, Stablecoin is valued at 2.94 ADA and holds a supply of 676, 496 tokens; the ADA was quoted at $0, 351 as of January 17, 2023 at 1:15 PM ET. The virtual currency’s price has risen 10.85% over the past week, for a total of 43% since the beginning of the month.

Many public network users do not consider McCracken’s prediction of an imminent launch on a major network to be original. Author steiblocker Djed reiterated: an irrevocable launch of the coin’s algorithmic dimension is scheduled for the first month of the new year.

Furthermore, the software developer promised that in addition to steiblockcoin itself, the new DjedPay will be launched at the same time. Thanks to this service, merchants and other organizations of all kinds will be able to accept payments in Djed cryptocurrency. Developer COTI has been actively recruiting partners to use the algorithmic coins.

Many users have stated that the launch of the new cryptocoin will significantly increase the value of the entire Cardano ecosystem and increase the price of virtual coins. Unable to load all totals.

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