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American crypto ownership steady despite tough year: Coinbase survey

It’s been a tough year for the crypto market, but despite all of the volatility and uncertainty, American crypto ownership remains steady. This is according to a recent survey conducted by Coinbase, one of the world’s leading digital currency exchanges.

The survey revealed that more than half (56%) of Americans own some form of cryptocurrency – up from 43% in 2019. What’s more, nearly one-third (31%) said they had purchased or traded cryptocurrencies over the past 12 months – an increase from 24% last year. The most popular cryptos among US investors were Bitcoin (45%), Ethereum (19%), and Dogecoin/Litecoin/XRP/other altcoins combined at 18%.

Interestingly enough, this surge in interest has come at a time when institutional investors have pulled back significantly due to regulatory uncertainty and other factors. Despite this pullback by institutions however individual investor sentiment seems strong with many saying they believe digital currencies will become mainstream within 5 years or less – 40% believe it will happen sooner rather than later while 23% think it won’t be until after 2026 before we see widespread adoption across America .

Furthermore , these results show that even though there’s still much work to do in terms of education about cryptocurrencies , retail investment continues on an upward trend as people learn more about them . It’s clear then that although 2020 was undoubtedly difficult for those involved with crypto markets , its importance is only growing stronger amongst individuals who are looking for alternative investments outside traditional channels .

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