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Ankr partners with Microsoft to offer enterprise node services

Today, Ankr is excited to announce our newest partnership with Microsoft. This collaboration will enable us to offer enterprise node services for Azure users around the world.

This new offering from Ankr and Microsoft will provide customers access to secure blockchain infrastructure on a global scale while allowing them the flexibility of running their nodes in either public or private networks. Our goal is to make it easier than ever before for businesses and organizations of all sizes – from startups just getting off the ground, right up through Fortune 500 companies –to leverage distributed ledger technology without having to worry about setting up and managing complex IT infrastructures themselves.

Ankr’s unique deployment platform provides an easy-to-use interface that allows customers full control over their own nodes within minutes instead of days or weeks when compared with traditional methods such as manual deployments or virtual machines (VMs). With this launch, we are also introducing several features including automated scaling based on usage patterns; monitoring tools which allow users greater visibility into what’s happening behind the scenes; built-in security protocols; multi-cloud support so you can deploy your node across multiple cloud providers simultaneously; plus much more!

We believe that by partnering together with Microsoft we have created a powerful solution that enables enterprises large and small alike take advantage of blockchain technology without sacrificing any performance at scale nor compromising on security measures needed in order protect data privacy & integrity standards set forth by regulatory bodies worldwide.

Together, Ankr & Microsoft are looking forward continuing our mission towards making enterprise grade distributed ledger technologies accessible everyone regardless size budget they may have available work with!

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