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Ark Invest Predicts Bitcoin to Rise to $1.48 Million

Investment firm Ark Invest has released its personal long-term monitoring of bitcoin price volatility.
The firm’s analysts have created three plausible scenarios for events in the BTC market

Bearish – We believe the coin’s value will rise to $258, 500 by 2030.
Base – Raises the price of the cryptocurrency to $682,800.
Bullish – Asset value rises to $1.48 million.

Graphical Monitoring of Bitcoin Direction by Ark Invest

To calculate the CAGR of bitcoin’s value, analysts considered eight factors, including the amount of money institutional investors invest in the cryptocurrency and the number of digital asset transactions required.

Ark Invest employees have no doubt that bitcoin will become more expensive in the long run for several reasons. First, the CAGR of the bitcoin price at the end of bull and bear trends has always been higher than in the past. Second, the 3-, 4-, and 5-year CAGRs for bitcoin prices are positive.

Third, the number of coins owned by hodlers is growing and will equal 71% of the number of coins in this profession by the end of 2022. And fourth, the average annual hash rate of the BTC blockchain has grown steadily since 2016 . Cannot read all totals.

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