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Artificial intelligence refused to predict the price of bitcoin

Finbold decided to ask ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) testing platform, about the direction of the bitcoin (BTC) virtual currency in 2030. No definitive numbers were given. The platform is known for its ability to accurately perform a variety of tasks. One area where the tool can be applied is in asset trading.

Finbold analysts showed that ChatGPT can provide fairly accurate monitoring covering historical BTC prices, market data, technical and basic testing, and other functions. As a result, they accepted that AI cannot predict true direction and that it is not easy to show the value of bitcoin in long-term opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence cited high market volatility and unclear regulations. Nonetheless, AI frontrunners assured that the mainstay cryptocurrency could rise in the coming years, stating

AI assures that the actual direction of digital gold is highly volatile and dependent on numerous external factors such as government legislation, financial conditions, and technological merit. Perron said that as the cryptocurrency market matures, more people will discover the potential of digital currencies. This allows us to talk about demand and the potential for higher prices.

The ChatGPT tool is in the experimental stage of development, and early AI monitoring has shown that it can be used to automate cyclical tasks such as interest rate forecasting and tradable asset transactions. Money experts state that Cannot read all totals.

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