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Automaker BMW creates a loyalty program on the blockchain

BMW Germany is looking to integrate blockchain into its daily operations. Most notably, it is launching a loyalty program for customers in Thailand.

The automaker has turned to blockchain infrastructure maker Coinweb to provide a decentralized architecture and will use the BNB network to settle transactions.

The company will integrate the blockchain in two steps. The first will be used to automate difficult manual processes and optimize the company’s product for financing automotive manufacturing. In the second step, Coinweb will develop a dedicated Web3 application with a loyalty program for BMW customers.

This application will use a fee structure to incentivize buyers of the BMW Group. The software will determine a buyer’s rank and status in the ecosystem and award credits that can be earned by making an impact.

According to Coinweb CEO Toby Gilbert, BMW customers earn rewards for each interaction with the ecosystem. This could be the purchase of a new car. Gilbert says general adoption of the system will occur later, but in the meantime, it will be tested with customers in Thailand.

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