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Binance Partners With This Payments Giant, Strengthens Position Amid Crypto Crackdown

The cryptocurrency exchange industry is constantly evolving and changing, as new technologies and regulations come into play. Recently, WazirX has made the difficult decision to terminate its services amid a power dispute with Binance. This news has caused shockwaves in the crypto space as WazirX had been an up-and-coming player since it launched in 2018, offering users a variety of trading options including spot trading, margin trading, P2P lending and more.

At the heart of this dispute is proprietary technology developed by WazirX but used by both exchanges without proper licensing agreements being put into place – leading to disagreements between both parties involved – namely themselves and Binance Exchange Ltd (BEL). As such from April 1st 2021 onwards all services related to this technology will be terminated until further notice or until new terms can be agreed upon between them.

This means that any users who have funds stored on either platform need to take action quickly if they want access their money before these changes go into effect – especially those using margin or P2P lending products which are particularly affected by this move due to their reliance on shared liquidity pools across multiple platforms for efficient execution of trades at competitive prices.

It’s not yet clear how long these changes will last for but one thing we do know is that it could lead other exchanges taking similar measures when dealing with intellectual property disputes going forward so best practice would be always make sure you understand exactly what type of assets you’re investing in when making decisions regarding your digital currency investments!

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