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Bitcoin mining report: Feb. 14

Today, a new report was released outlining the current state of Bitcoin mining. The findings indicate that despite recent market volatility, the industry is still growing and remains highly profitable.

The report looked at several factors including energy consumption, hash rate distribution, and miner revenue over the past year. It found that Bitcoin’s total network hash rate has grown by more than 200% since February 2020 to an all-time high of 166 exahashes per second (EH/s). This indicates a strong level of investment in mining operations as miners seek to capitalize on potential rewards from block rewards and transaction fees associated with processing transactions on the blockchain.

In terms of energy consumption for mining activities globally it increased from approximately 7 GW in February 2020 to 10GW today; however this increase is not necessarily indicative of an unsustainable trend as much higher levels have been seen previously without any major issues or concerns about sustainability being raised . Furthermore , when taking into account improvements such as greater efficiency through ASIC chipsets , overall electricity costs are likely lower than they would otherwise be .

Additionally , while China continues its dominance in terms pool concentration with nearly 70% share according to data gathered by BTCcom’s Mining Pool Monitor ; other countries like Kazakhstan Russia United States Canada Iran Brazil India Vietnam Italy Spain France Ukraine Australia Japan South Korea Thailand Taiwan Malaysia Philippines Indonesia Singapore Hong Kong Colombia Mexico Argentina Chile Peru Germany Netherlands Belgium Switzerland Sweden Finland Norway Ireland Austria Czech Republic Poland Hungary Romania Lithuania Estonia Latvia Greece Bulgaria Slovakia Slovenia Croatia Serbia Montenegro Bosnia & Herzegovina Macedonia Albania Luxembourg Moldova Azerbaijan Georgia Armenia Cyprus Israel Jordan Kuwait Bahrain Qatar Saudi Arabia UAE Oman Yemen Lebanon Palestine Turkey Iraq Afghanistan Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Lanka Nepal Bhutan Myanmar Laos Cambodia Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Mongolia North Korea Macau Vatican City Andorra Liechtenstein San Marino Monaco Gibraltar Iceland Greenland Faroe Islands have also emerged as viable locations for miners seeking cheaper electricity rates or better climate conditions for their equipment .

Overall these trends demonstrate that despite some short term market fluctuations due primarily external forces such as government regulations ; bitcoin remains one powerful force driving innovation within technology industries around world . With continued investment activity expected over coming months we can expect even further growth expansion within sector during 2021 which should bring improved services products solutions users worldwide.

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