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Bitcoin Trend Remains Above US$21, 000

Cryptocurrency experts and the general public believe that bitcoin (BTC) has remained above US$21, 000 for the third consecutive day, with the virtual coin trading at $21, 085 as of 10:00 AM ET on January 17, 2023, keeping investors and traders optimistic. In the short term, it fell to $20, 800, but nearly all experts waited for the subsequent rise in the price of digital gold. Public grid users, however, were divided in their perceptions.

Twitter users have been vocal about the near future of the virtual currency section. Some were positive. They assured: in the near future, the value of the mainstay digital coins will first reach $25, 000 and then $30, 000.

However, not all users were positive about it. Investors said that the story is worth a wide look and that crypto-zima is far from the logical conclusion, despite the fact that the Bitcoin Fear & Greed Index (BTC) was 51, although this means that market members are in a neutral mood. It showed in social media.

Market analysts continued to confirm that institutional investors are taking a similar stance. They did not rush to the bazaar when the value of bitcoin began to rise. The big players were happy to watch what happened until everything was resolved and it became clear which direction BTC was going.

At the time of writing the announcement, the market capitalization of the leading cryptocurrency was $46.54 billion, and the digital coin BTC had a daily trading volume of $23.8 billion.

The virtual currency Ether (ETH) held steady at $1,562. The total supply of coins in circulation was $191.18 billion. In the past 24 hours, $8.03 billion was traded. Cannot read all totals.

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