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BitQuery will benefit from $100m Cronos ecosystem fund

Today, we are excited to announce that BitQuery has been chosen as one of the beneficiaries of the $100 million Cronos ecosystem fund. This investment will enable us to accelerate our development and expand our reach into new markets.

BitQuery is a revolutionary blockchain-based data management platform designed for businesses, organizations and individuals who need secure access to their data across multiple blockchains. With BitQuery’s easy-to-use interface, users can query information from different blockchains quickly and securely with just a few clicks – no coding required! The platform also allows users to store digital assets in an encrypted wallet for added security.

The funding from Cronos will allow us to further develop features on our existing platform such as enhanced search capabilities, improved scalability performance and more advanced analytics tools which can be used by everyone including developers looking for deeper insights into their projects or companies seeking better visibility into their operations across multiple blockchains at once. Additionally this investment opens up opportunities for collaboration between Bitquery & other major players in the industry such as Ethereum & Hyperledger allowing us even greater access & insight when it comes time developing solutions tailored specifically towards enterprise customers needs both now & in future years ahead!

We believe that this partnership with Cronos is just another step forward towards making decentralized technology accessible not only within business environments but also by everyday people all over world – something we have always strived toward since day one here at Bitquery!

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