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Blockchain tech still far from hitting the esport big leagues, says investor

As the esports industry continues to grow, investors have been looking for ways to capitalize on this booming market. One of the most talked-about technologies being explored is blockchain technology. However, recent comments from an investor suggest that blockchain tech still has a long way to go before it can become a major player in the esports world.

Blockchain technology is best known as being used for cryptocurrency transactions and other financial activities, but its potential applications are far broader than just finance. Blockchain could be used in many areas of gaming including game development and distribution, tournaments and leagues, digital asset trading platforms and more. This has led some investors to believe that it could revolutionize how we play video games by creating new opportunities for players around the world – especially in terms of monetization options – while also providing increased security measures against cheating or fraud within online gaming platforms .

Unfortunately , according to one investor , these lofty aspirations may still be years away from becoming reality . The anonymous investor stated : “The idea behind using blockchain technology seems great on paper but there’s still too much uncertainty surrounding its implementation into existing systems . We need more reliable solutions before we can start investing heavily into this sector .” It ‘ s clear that although there are exciting possibilities with integrating blockchain tech into esports , further research needs to take place before any real progress will be made towards making it mainstream within competitive gaming circles .

In conclusion , while many people see great potential with introducing blockchain tech into various aspects of esports such as tournament organization or digital asset trading platforms – at least accordingto one unnamed investor –we’re likely not goingto see any significant advancements anytime soon due toboth technological limitationsanduncertaintysurroundingitsimplementationintotheexistingecosystemsusedincompetitivegamingtoday.

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