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Breakout NFT Conference is Building Web3 Communities in Sao Paolo

A new NFT conference in Brazil is building on growing interest in the Web3 ecosystem across the region, bringing together builders and leaders from the space to grow the local crypto community.

Breakout NFT, taking place from March 15-16 in Sao Paolo, brings together an impressive lineup of speakers from ConsenSys, Artblocks, Chainlink, FingerPrintsDAO, and a wide array of artists from multiple disciplines. Topics on the agenda fall within four focus areas: AI & Art, Games, Phygital, & Urban Art.

Alongside a steady increase in Brazil’s internet usage, Sao Paolo has seen a “proliferation of accelerators” in recent years, supporting a growing ecosystem of startups. The hosts of the conference are banking on the city’s meteoric rise as a regional technology hub, making it the perfect scene for NFT and Web3 gaming companies to build and expand their communities.

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Alongside businesses, Breakout NFT is placing its focus squarely on local artists—who are highly represented in a way that isn’t seen in many NFT conferences or trade shows. Those artists encompass many different disciplines, ranging from creators like NUMA the beatmaker to digital artists like Renancio.

Breakout NFT attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Web3 from all aspects of the industry, whether they’re interested in the technical or creative side. As well as offering networking and collaboration for Web3 natives, the event organizers hope to foster Web3’s development within Sao Paolo, through educating and onboarding the local community.

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