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​Chinese scientists have calculated a 48-bit key on a quantum computer

What really happened?On December 23, researchers and scientists at a leading Chinese research institute published a document detailing the results of their tests of a 10-bit quantum computer. According to the information posted, they were able to identify a real 48-bit RSA source.

Full version of the document

What is RSA? RSA is a private key encryption scheme. It is considered one of the best-known data encryption algorithms and is still used for digital signatures. The name of the method is derived from the first letter of the developer’s name (Rivest, Shamir, Adleman). The method uses two keys: a closed key for encryption and decryption and a real key for authenticity testing. Before the advent of quantum computers, this method was considered reliable but insecure in real time. This is because a quantum computer could decompose large integers in a short time multiplier.

The success of the revealed RSA key scheme cracked by a Chinese scientist’s 10-bit computer poses a threat to cryptocurrency systems. In a posted document, the manufacturer states that it would take a 50- to 100-cubit computer to crack the most difficult 2048-bit ciphers.

In February 2022, South American banking giant JP Morgan Chase proposed research into a quantum key delivery (QKD) blockchain network that could withstand attacks by quantum computers. The company is working with Toshiba and Ciena to deploy and test the QKD blockchain, the statement said.QKD uses quantum mechanics and cryptography to guarantee insecure data exchange between two parties and to detect and defend against three parties attempting to eavesdrop on the exchange that will likely be completed by quantum computers in the future. Detect and defend. Cannot read all totals. Repeated retries…