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Chorus One Releasing Prototype To Capture MEV on Solana

Today, we are excited to announce the release of Chorus One’s prototype for capturing MEV on Solana. This new development marks a major milestone in our efforts to improve the security and scalability of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

MEV stands for “miner extractable value” – transactions that miners can choose to include in their blocks, thereby earning fees from them. These transactions have become increasingly popular as they allow miners to earn additional revenue while providing liquidity providers with an opportunity to capture arbitrage opportunities. As such, it has been important for us at Chorus Oneto develop a secure way of capturing MEV on Solana-based protocols like Serum DEX and Raydium DEX so that users can benefit from these opportunities without compromising security or scalability.

With this prototype now available, users will be able to conveniently capture MEV through our platform without having any technical knowledge about blockchain technology or smart contracts programming languages like Solidity or Rust . We believe this is an important step towards making DeFi accessible not just by developers but also by regular crypto investors who don’t necessarily possess those skillsets yet still want access all the benefits offered by DeFi platforms .

We look forward continuing our mission at Chorus Oneof enabling people around the world gain access financial services through decentralization technologies , starting with this exciting new development!

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