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Coinbase Selected As Sub Custodian By Evolve For Top-Notch Asset Protection

Coinbase, the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology company, has been chosen by Evolve as its sub-custodian for top-notch asset protection. This decision was made to ensure that all of Evolve’s digital assets are secure and well protected.

Evolve is a leading provider of digital asset management services with a focus on providing institutional investors access to innovative investment opportunities in the crypto space. As part of their mission to provide their clients with best-in-class service and security, they have selected Coinbase Custody as their sub custodian due to its advanced security protocols and reliable infrastructure.

Coinbase Custody is an industry leader in terms of protecting customer assets from theft or loss through rigorous risk mitigation measures such as multi-signature wallets, cold storage solutions for large amounts held offline without internet access , insurance policies covering losses up $255 million USD worth of cryptoassets stored at Coinbase Custody . Additionally it provides robust audit trails which allow customers like Evolve can track activity related to any changes or movements within accounts managed by Coinbase custody .

The partnership between Evoleve & coinbase will serve both parties well: It allows evoleve’s clients peaceof mind knowing that thier funds are secured using one if not the most secure platform available today while also giving coinbases custodies oppurtunity expand beyond just individual traders into more lucrative institutional market segment

In conclusion this strategic move demonstrates commitment from both companies towards creating safe environment where institutions feel comfortable investing in cryptocurrencies & other digital assests

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