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ConsenSys Launches Testing of zkEVM Scaling Technology

ConsenSys, the company behind the MetaMask wallet and Infura infrastructure platform, has launched a closed-loop test network using its Ethereum scaling technology, zkEVM.

The zkEVM technology is currently one of the most promising technologies for ethereum scaling, increasing network throughput for the two cryptocurrencies to 101 and reducing transaction costs. It is built on a zero disclosure verification basis.

The functionality of zkEVM is that authors creating applications for Etherium can work in their normal environment without having to delve into the concept of Zero Disclosure Evidence.

ConsenSys said the test order method was launched in December. The firm has received more than 150, 000 orders. Members can transfer assets between the Goerli test network and the zkEVM test network. There, they can learn about smart contracts, decentralized applications, infrastructure conclusions, and how wallets work.

We will see if zkEVM-based development skills can help with Web3 development,” the company said in a statement.

ConsenSys is not the only company working on a zkEVM implementation. The makers of Polygon, for example, have already launched a second test network using the provided technology. Cannot read all totals.

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