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Crypto Long & Short: Bitcoin’s ‘Golden Cross’ Explained

The cryptocurrency market is always in flux, with prices changing every second as traders buy and sell digital assets. Recently, Bitcoin (BTC) has been making headlines due to its “Golden Cross” formation – an event that could signal a major turning point for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what this Golden Cross means and how it might affect Bitcoin’s price moving forward.

A Golden Cross occurs when the 50-day moving average of an asset crosses above its 200-day moving average – something which recently happened with BTC/USD on April 28th 2020. This crossover indicates that short-term momentum is now higher than long-term momentum and suggests that bullish sentiment may be increasing among traders.

Historically speaking, these formations have often preceded strong rallies in the past; however there are no guarantees about what will happen next so investors should remain cautious before taking any action based solely on technical analysis alone. That being said though, many analysts believe that if history repeats itself then we could see another bull run for BTC over the coming weeks or months ahead as more people become aware of this positive development in Bitcoin’s chart patterning .

Of course nothing can be certain but one thing is clear: The emergence of a Golden Cross signals potential upside for those who are willing to take risks associated with trading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin . As such , it would behoove savvy investors to keep their eyes peeled for further developments regarding BTC/USD over time – especially given how quickly things can change within crypto markets!

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