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Crypto Strategist Predicts New Bitcoin (BTC) High, Leap To $40,000

Crypto enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the next big move in Bitcoin (BTC) prices, and one crypto strategist believes that BTC could soon reach a new all-time high. According to prominent crypto analyst Lark Davis, he predicts that Bitcoin will soon leap to $40,000 per coin.

Davis is no stranger to making bold predictions about cryptocurrency prices. He has made several successful calls on altcoins such as Ethereum and Cardano over the past few years. Now his sights are set firmly on Bitcoin’s future performance, and he believes it can hit an all-time high of $40K within the next year or two if certain conditions are met.

In order for this prediction to come true according to Davis’ timeline there needs be more institutional adoption of cryptocurrencies by mainstream investors as well as greater public awareness about digital assets overall which would lead more people into investing in them directly or through services like Coinbase or Grayscale Investments Trusts etc.. Additionally large companies need start accepting cryptocurrencies like Tesla did earlier this year when they announced they were accepting bitcoin payments for their cars . The combination of these factors should help drive up demand significantly which should push BTC price even higher than its current levels around 30k USD at time writing .

For those who don’t know much about cryptocurrencies but want get involved , now may be an ideal time do so given how many opportunities exist right now invest safely with trusted platforms such Coinbase Pro , Kraken Exchange , Binance etc .. Crypto Strategist Lark Davis’s prediction gives us hope that we could see some record breaking highs from bitcoin sometime in near future!

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