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What is Binance?

Binance is the world’s largest virtual currency exchange by volume, with US$76 billion in daily trading volume and a global customer base of 90 million as of August 2022.Perron is a win-win member of the crypto space where users can not only buy, sell and hold their own digital assets, but also access over 350 cryptocurrencies and thousands of Perron has proven to be a win-win member of the crypto space, allowing users to buy, sell and hold their digital assets as well as access to over 350 cryptocurrencies and thousands of trading pairs. The Binance ecosystem now includes the Binance Exchange, Labs, Launchpad, Info, Academy, Research, Trust Wallet, Charity, NFT, and nearly everything else.

Who created Binance?

This global company was founded in China by Changpeng Zhao and Yi He, a Chinese-Canadian creator and entrepreneur also known as CZ, who is believed to be its CEO. He was educated at the McGill Institute in Montreal and is a successful businessman. Past positions include head of futures research group Bloomberg Tradebook, founder of Fusion Systems, and technical director of Blockchain. Com.

Yee He is Binance’s CMO and Head of Binance Labs, responsible for Binance’s business, marketing, and brand strategy. Previously, Yee was Vice President of Yixia Technology, a large mobile video technology company, and co-founded the digital asset exchange OKCoin.

When was Binance launched?

Binance launched in June 2017 and grew in 180 days to become the world’s leading virtual currency exchange.

Binance’s geographic boundaries ?

According to Binance’s application criteria, restricted locations include the United States, Singapore, and Ontario (Canada). However, some jurisdictions, such as China, Malaysia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Thailand, have regulatory restrictions on the application of certain features. Futures and derivatives are still out of reach in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands; in September 2019, another apron was launched for US buyers – Binance. Us.

What are the fees on Binance?

The platform is comfortable and one of the cheapest platforms with a wide variety of trade types and an advanced set of trading tools for experienced traders. Commissions are based on a tiered system where users are ranked from “Normal” to VIP 9. Broker stacker commissions for spot trades for regular users are set at 0.10%; in July 2022, Binance announced zero commissions on spot BTC pairs and in August announced zero commissions on ETH/BUSD.

  • Can I trade with leverage on Binance?

Binance Margin allows you to trade virtual currencies with up to 10x leverage. Leverage is also available on derivative products such as Binance Futures and Binance Options, which are settled in USDT, BUSD, or other virtual currencies. Unable to load all totals.



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What is Bybit?

Bybit is a centralized crypto exchange (CEX) with over 100 cryptocurrencies, 100 crypto derivatives, and over 5 million registered users. The Singapore-based company was founded in 2018 and is one of the top five virtual currency derivatives exchanges in the world.

Suitable instruments available on the platform are spot trading, derivatives (USDT and USDC indefinite contracts, tradable life contracts, futures, USDC options, leveraged tokens), NFT marketplace, and Bybit Earn Stacking.

Who created Bybit?

Founder and CEO Ben Zhou co-created Bybit. After graduating from Pennsylvania Institute, Zhou returned to China and worked for 7 years at XM, one of China’s leading forex brokers; in 2018, he co-founded Bybit, a virtual currency derivatives exchange.

When did Bybit launch?

Bybit launched its services in March 2018.

Where is Bybit located?

The company is registered in the British Virgin Islands as Bybit Fintech Limited, with headquarters in Singapore and offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Bybit’s geographic boundaries

The platform is available to customers worldwide, except in states with restricted services, including the United States, Singapore, Cuba, Crimea, Sevastopol, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and mainland China.

What virtual currencies does Bybit support?

Bybit has over 100 cryptocurrency tokens and over 300 spot trading pairs, with increasing demand for suitable pairs such as BTC, ETH, BIT, SOL, APE, DYDX, LTC, DOGE, AVAX, MATIC, and DOT.

How much does Bybit charge?

Bybit employs a tiered fee structure based on the Maker-Taker model. The correct values are: for Non-VIP, VIP 1, VIP 2, VIP 3, Pro 1, Pro 2, and Pro 3; for Life and Futures, (taker) and 0.01% (maker); for Pro 3, spot transaction fees are 0.02% (maker) and 0% (taker); derivatives The transaction fee is 0.03% (maker) and 0% (taker).

Can I trade on Bybit using leverage?

The exchange allows you to trade crypto derivatives with up to 100x leverage. Inexpensive products include BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD, EOS/USD, and other lifetime contracts. Customers are more likely to adopt both separate and cross margins. Buyers will have access to tradable life contracts, crypto futures, crypto options, and leveraged tokens. Cannot read all totals. 



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What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange designed with a mission to “facilitate the free movement of digital assets around the world”. With a focus on intuitive design, uncomplicated registration process, and advanced security, Perron supports futures trading, a built-in P2P exchange, the ability to buy cryptocurrency with credit or debit card support, and instant exchange offers.

The platform calls itself an “ethnic exchange” with a combined trading volume of $1.2 trillion and over 20 million users worldwide. The company states that it accepts technology-based trading products and the KuCoin pool and invites the KuCoin ecosystem based on the KuCoin Token Circle (KCS).

Who Created KuCoin?

KuCoin was co-founded by Michael Gan, Eric Don, Top Lan, Kent Li, John Lee, Jack Zhu, and Linda Lin. 2013, Michael Gan and Eric Don wrote KuCoin’s first code in a cafe. Gan served as CEO until 2020, when his position was leased to Johnny Liu.

Michael Gan graduated from Chengdu Institute as a software developer and began his personal journey as a creator at MikeCRM, Youlin, and Missy Inc. He worked on microservices and became proficient in DevOP and agile development.Gan was a technical specialist at Ant Financial, where he developed money advice and was a senior partner at Kf5. Com.

Eric Dong graduated from the Institute of Electrical Science and Technology in China with a B.S. in Network Engineering. prior to the KuCoin incident, Eric worked in the IT industry as a senior IT partner at YOULIN, COM, KITEME, and REINIOT.

When was KuCoin launched?

The fair officially launched in August 2017.

Where is KuCoin located?

The company is considered international, headquartered in the Seychelles, with offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, more than 20 million users worldwide, and is present in more than 200 countries.

KuCoin’s Geographic Boundaries

The platform has offers in Turkey, India, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and almost every other country. Although the plan is not authorized to operate in the United States, investors and crypto investors have the option to register their accounts.

What virtual currencies are supported by KuCoin?

The platform invites you to buy, sell, and trade numerous trading pairs of about 700 cryptocurrencies. Some of the platform’s most famous coins include BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, ADA, XRP, USDC, DOGE, DOT, and UNI. Unable to load all totals. 

How much are KuCoin commissions?

Commissions are oriented by a hierarchical system that depends on the “class” to which the token belongs and the “value” of the user based on the volume of transactions and the presence of a few in the spot market over a 30-day period. of KCS in the portfolio.

The system uses a “maker/taker” model with commissions for makers and takers ranging from 0.10% for “Class A” to 0.30% for “Class C” for “Value 0” investors. Values range from 0 to 12; users always receive a 20% discount when paying with KCS tokens.

For futures contracts, the maker commission ranges from 0.02% for a value of 0 to -0.015% for a value of 12. Maker commissions range from 0.06% to 0.03%. Deposits are free for all users, but withdrawal fees vary depending on the crypto asset.

Can I trade in KuCoin using leverage?

Yes, leveraged margin trading, futures, and tokens are available to users; the maximum leverage for KuCoin futures is 100x, but users must first pass KYC in order to access. In segregated margin mode, leverage is up to 10x, depending on the trading pair. Could not load all totals.