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CryptoRank Cryptocurrency Market Report

The experts at research firm CryptoRank have released their daily report on the state of the cryptocurrency market as of January 17, 2023. They stated that the era of Bitcoin continues, with the largest virtual coin by market capitalization remaining above $21, 000. The experts recalled that digital gold last reached that level last fall.

The expert noted that the BTC cryptocurrency was trading at about $21, 150 at the time of writing, up 0.18% from 24 hours earlier. They differed slightly: there were still several virtual currencies in the top 10 in the red zone: Dogecoin (-2. 95%), Cardano (-2. 34%), and XRPL (-1. 99%).

According to CryptoRank, the industry’s market capitalization declined by 0.63%, but still remains at $1.04 trillion (-0.63%). Bitcoin’s dominance was set at 39.08% (+0.29%); the Fear & Greed Index reached 51, indicating neutral sentiment among investors and traders.

As far as bitcoin futures are concerned, the total size is $29 billion, with a total of $8.11 billion worth of sincere interest, researchers said.

The leader of the day in terms of profitability was the digital currency BSCPAD (BSCPAD), which was up by a whopping $3.4 billion, according to the researcher. His estimate was up 43.4%. In second place was the virtual token Tap (XTP), with a retail price of $0.199 and a market capitalization of $15.8 million.

Cryptocurrency prices rose 38.6%. Asset prices stalled at $0.011, with total supply at $44 million.
The virtual currency Metadium (META), whose price rose 37.0%, rounded out the top three favorites, selling for $0.034 with capitalization of $68.2 million.

Top outsiders on the day included Orca (ORCA), Alethea Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI), and Bonk (BONK), which lost over 11% of its own price on the day. Unable to load all totals.

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