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Dooge Coin Creator Failed to Sell Most of His Ethereum

Shortly before the recent Ethereum (ETH) rally that began earlier this year, Doogie Coin (DOGE) founder Billy Marcus sold most of his ETH and missed a big opportunity to profit from the subsequent bullish price swings.

Marcus, known on Twitter as Sibetoshi Nakamoto, admitted to selling a large amount of ETH for as low as $1, 190 in order to raise enough money to pay his 2022 taxes.
I borrowed more than the virtual currency was worth, so I actually had negative income,” Marcus added.

When asked about the price at which these Ethereums were purchased, Marcus replied that he had not purchased any, but had sold NFTs “with the State of California and the IRS getting 53% of the price at the time of sale.”

Had he sold the ETH at the current price of $1,397 instead of $1,190, Marcus probably would have had plenty of money. Over the past 24 hours, the altcoin #1 price has risen 4.57% and is up 11.1% weekly.
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