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Ethereum (ETH) in Danger Due to Three Trends: Ex-Arcane Research Team

long run. This is because it means that Ethereum (ETH) users are stuck in their current position and cannot easily move to other platforms if they want to do so. This limits the potential for growth of Ethereum (ETH).

Furthermore, bridges and cross-chain solutions are also bearish for Ether as an asset due to increased competition from other blockchains. As more projects build out their own ecosystems, there will be less demand for Ether as a currency or store of value on its own platform since people can use any number of alternatives instead.
This could lead to downward pressure on the price of Ether over time, making it a risky investment in comparison with some other digital assets such as Bitcoin or Litecoin which have wider adoption outside their respective networks than does ETH at present..


These issues highlight why Anders Helseth is warning investors about being too bullish on ETH longterm despite its impressive performance recently: The technology itself may not be able support further growth without significant improvements made by developers across multiple areas including scalability and security concerns related to bridges/cross-chain technologies – something that has yet been achieved satisfactorily thus far according his predictions shared via Twitter earlier this week

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