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Ethereum Validator Exceeds 500, 000 Before “Shanghai” Update

On January 11, 2023, the creator of ethereum launched a new test environment for the “Shanghai” update scheduled for March 2023.

The creator’s new test environment is called “devnet 2” as it follows in the footsteps of “devnet 1” released in November 2022.

Ethereum Validator Statistics Beaconscan. from January 15, 2023
123 days have passed since the “merge” phase in which the Ethereum blockchain switched from a proof-of-work (PoW) to a proof-of-service (PoS) system. This process was expected to eliminate miners mining coins and validating transactions; the Ethereum validator now validates transactions at the underlying network layer.

According to Beacon Scan, as of the day after the devnet 2 release, the network had passed 500, 000 validator marks. To freeze a validator, an individual or organization must be a validator purchaser in the beacon chain and own 32 ETH; based on the January 16, 2023 Ethereum exchange rate (ETH), the price of 32 ETH is worth just over $50, 000.

BeaconScan. com shows that as of January 15, 2023, 501, 215 validators were registered on the Ethereum blockchain. On the same day last year, there were 282, 249, an increase of 77.58% over the past 12 months. On the day of the merger, there were 428, 438, an increase of 16.99%. Could not load all totals.

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