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Experts Comment on Bitcoin Momentum

The flagship cryptocurrency hit a three-month high, beating the major supply zone at $21, 000. According to experts, purchasing power has shown clear signs of recovery in recent months. Last year was certainly a tough year for the digital asset industry, with bitcoin itself falling 65% in value. Since the beginning of the year, however, bitcoin has steadily consolidated its position.

Experts at Credible Crypto say that nearly all traders were surprised by BTC’s recent spike to $21, 000. Most of the probable market members are waiting for an adjustment to find long positions at more profitable prices.

Experts say: at the moment there are local energy sellers, but that is unlikely to have a significant impact on the balance of power. The bazaar could try to rise to $25, 000, leaving the bearish camp behind.
The leading cryptocurrencies are showing clear signs of recovery. Therefore, Bitcoin can be expected to continue consolidating its position for the foreseeable future.

A past editor of Info: an analyst under the pseudonym IncomeSpark commented on the potential of the cryptocurrency industry. He said that this trading week will be necessary for the digital assets section as well as for the stock market.

The specialist stressed: if traders were able to take long positions in BTC before the bull rally phase, not to decide on an action, but simply to do something else to monitor the unfolding of subsequent events. Those who want to participate in a bull market should wait for a specific price drop before opening long positions. Income Spark stressed that traders are still showing energy, but clients will defend their positions very strongly in the current environment. Could not read all totals.

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