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Experts gave a forecast for Ethereum

Major altcoins have moved to nearly $1,200 since December 17 of this year. According to experts, we are seeing the first signs of a possible increase in the asset. Technical models speak for the correct model that it is absolutely possible for Ether to exceed the US$1330 level by March 2023, but to do so it will need to exceed the US$1180 support.

The long-awaited transition of the ethereum ecosystem to a consensus PoS method in September 2022 paves the way for additional Level 2 integration. Further updates could increase ethereum’s scalability by a factor of 100, significantly reduce costs, and increase transaction speeds.

Having said that, it should be noted that Solana, a competing platform, is currently testing the waters. At the same time, experts emphasize that macroeconomic ammunition remains under pressure.
The main point of risk remains the Federal Reserve, which does not yet have a plan to smooth its own monetary policy. Experts therefore do not rule out the possibility of Ethereum approaching $1,000. That degree could be frozen as a noteworthy starting point for a steady uptrend.

Previously, editor of Crypto. Info: According to followers of CoinATMRadar, more than 4, 000 new virtual currency matches have been discovered worldwide over the past 12 months; on January 1, 2022, that number would have reached 34, 358, but by December 30, the total number of cryptocurrency ATMs had increased to 38, 597 By December 30, the total number of cryptocurrency ATMs had increased to 38,597.

Experts highlighted that the number of similar devices in different jurisdictions could increase by 60% in eight years. Retail users are increasingly using digital assets as full payment, accelerating the adoption of cryptocurrencies in society. Unable to load all totals. Repeated retries…