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Filecoin to Test Decentralized System in Space

Filecoin Foundation Plans to Deploy Decentralized File System in Space

The Filecoin Foundation, the governing body that manages the Filecoin network, has touted a project to launch a decentralized system into space this year.

According to a statement, the Filecoin Foundation plans to deploy the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) into space aboard a Lockheed Martin satellite. This follows in the footsteps of an earlier collaboration between Filecoin and a US aerospace engineering firm to develop a distributed file storage system for the Galactic Arm.

The current centralized Internet model doesn’t work in space. Let’s say you’re on the moon and you’re getting data from Earth. Every time you get that data, there is an interruption of a few seconds; with IPFS, the data doesn’t work. This is because with IPFS, the data is identified by what counts, not where it is.”

The first launch of the technology will be a test. The Lockheed Martin Galactic spacecraft will be tested once it is in orbit. This testing will be used to evaluate various applications of distributed space storage.

Special attention will be paid to the viability of space-earth communications through the IPFS implementation. Once in orbit, the galactic spacecraft will use software-defined SmartSat satellite technology to download and display IPFS.

The IPFS differs from the central storage of data in the network. Instead of referring to content by its original private number, it refers to content by its location on the server; an IPFS data query connects the recording to the closest node in the network with the original private number of the desired content.

As part of the formation of IPFS, Filecoin previously acquired a content distribution network called Saturn. With the launch of Saturn, Filecoin not only offered a new level of content delivery, but also sought to lower the price of Filecoin deposits. The total amount of the deposit is not all loaded. Unable to load all totals.

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