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FSN partners with Chainlink Labs & speeds up NFT adoptions

FSN takes this opportunity to express its great pleasure in forming a mutually beneficial partnership with

Chainlink Labs. Nevertheless, the merger of the two organizations will be a tool to move the NFT ecosystem and market forward. However, this will be done in order to increase transparency of NFT projects. Additionally, it will help disseminate information about the various NFT projects. In addition, more customers will be interested in participating in the NFT implementation process.

In addition, a practical feature of this merger is the enhancement of aspects related to the full clarity and complete reliability of the NFT project.

To better understand and appreciate the true value of the fusion of these two entities, it is necessary to examine in detail what they entail.

According to Lee Sang-seok, CEO of FSN, both entities are clear leaders in the NFT ecosystem. By bringing them together, Chainlink’s Oracle services can open the door to new ways of using NFT and increase overall user confidence in the Web3 project. Still, the partnership is certain to bring huge and broad possibilities to Web3.