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Game7 to allocate $100 million in grants for Web3 startups

Game7, a game accelerator, is seeking $100 million in grants for Web3 startups that have already reached several milestones in the development of unpatched startup technology.

Game7, a decentralized independent organization (DAO) dedicated to supporting blockchain-based gaming startups, says the grant will support both individuals and companies developing software and tools for blockchain-based games, smart contracts, and social The developers will continue to receive technical support and assistance in the development of their software and tools.

Developers can continue to schedule technical support and consultations with Game7 experts. The company noted that it is not tied to any particular blockchain and can provide assistance to any network creator. However, it does not follow in the footsteps of applicants in that it views grants as an alternative to venture capital funding.

Game7 does not intend to pay grants up front and will only forward methods for specific results. The creator must pass a KYC (Know Your Own Customer) test, sign a contract, and sign up with a digital wallet address. The manufacturer can then submit other grant or loan orders regardless of the contract.

DappRadar previously released a report suggesting that blockchain gaming remains the main driver of decentralized applications and the number of new users is growing. Unable to load all totals.

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