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Gaming Company Square Enix Partners With Polygon for NFT Art Project

Today, Square Enix, a leading gaming company, announced an exciting new partnership with Polygon. This partnership will bring together two of the most influential names in the gaming industry to create unique Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art projects.

The NFT art project aims to provide gamers with another way to express their love for video games and esports through artwork that is backed by blockchain technology. The artwork itself will be created by some of the best digital artists from around the world and feature iconic characters from popular Square Enix titles such as Final Fantasy VII Remake and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

This collaboration between Square Enix and Polygon also marks a major milestone in terms of how NFTs are used within gaming culture – it’s one of few partnerships between two giants within this space which shows just how far we have come since these tokens were first introduced back in 2017.

Not only does this project allow gamers to own exclusive pieces of digital art but it also provides them with a chance at earning rewards based on their ownership levels; making sure they get something out if they decide invest into these assets over time or simply choose purchase them outright for display purposes alone!

Ultimately, this collaboration looks set to revolutionize both video game collectibles as well as cryptocurrency markets alike; bringing together two industries that many thought could never coexist peacefully under one roof! We can’t wait see what else comes out down line once more details about this incredible venture are revealed…

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