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All about the world of cryptocurrencies to enter Hong Kong following city’s $6.4M budget allocation to Web3, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, recently announced that it has entered Hong Kong following a $6.4 million budget allocation to Web3 from the city’s government. This move marks a major milestone for Gate and its users who now have access to an even wider array of crypto-related services and products in this bustling financial hub.

Hong Kong is known as one of Asia’s most important economic centers with its vibrant tech ecosystem, so it makes perfect sense why Gate chose this location for their expansion plans. With over 1 million people living there and millions more visiting every year, there are plenty of opportunities available for both businesses and individuals looking to get involved in cryptocurrency trading or other related activities such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

By entering Hong Kong through this new initiative funded by the government’s budget allocation to Web3 technology development projects, Gate will be able provide greater liquidity options which could help drive further adoption among local investors while also giving them access to better pricing on cryptocurrencies than what they would find elsewhere around the globe due to increased competition from other exchanges operating within Hong Kong’s borders . In addition , Gateway will benefit from improved security measures provided by regulators like The Securities & Futures Commission (SFC) when conducting business operations within their jurisdiction .

By establishing itself firmly in Hong Kong , Gateway is well positioned not only take advantage of all these benefits but also become a global leader amongst digital asset exchanges thanks largely due its established track record providing quality service s since 2013 . As we continue into 2020 ,we look forward seeing how far gateway can go with support form local authorities combined with ever growing demand digital assets worldwide!

Cryptonium Editors