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HBAR Up 19%; Virtual Currency Among Top 30

As of 2:20 PM Moscow time on February 11, 2023, the virtual currency Hedera (HBAR) was up 18.8% from the same time yesterday. The virtual currency traded at $0.088, bringing its market capitalization to $2.31 billion. This has propelled the digital token to 28th place in the top ranking. Incidentally, investors traded HBAR for the required amount of $223.35 million in the past day.

The cryptocurrency was not the only one that delighted private owners. Among the top digital assets, Mina (MINA) showed satisfactory results. His direction is up 9.76% over the past 24 hours. The average price of the virtual currency was $0.951, and the total supply of coins in circulation on the market was $794.65 million. Members of the trading transaction traded at $280, 973 million per day.

Remaining in third place in the final day’s ranking of the more profitable digital currencies was Oasis Network (ROSE), again in the top 100, settling at number 98. Capitalized at $367.12 million, it reached a price of $0.064. This figure increased by 8.28% during the reporting period.

In addition, two digital currencies reached 100 debutantes. These were the Celo (CELO) and the Arweave (AR). According to this, the rates rose 5.94% and 6.7%, with the first currency available for purchase at $0.75 and the second at $11.01. They took the 97th and 99th rows in the list of the best cryptocurrencies for maximum capitalization, with indices at $370.02 million and $367.86 million. .

As for the market leaders, cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) was set at $21, 693, 0.5% lower than yesterday’s value. Its market capitalization was $4, 184 billion, with daily trading volume of about $226.5 billion.

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