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Huobi announces partnership with Solaris to launch debit card in EU

Huobi, a leader in digital assets, says it is launching a personal payment card in Europe and hopes to expand its services globally.

Huobi has announced a partnership with European money services provider Solaris to launch debit cards that convert digital currency units into legal tender. These cards will be supported by the international visa system, allowing their owners to use the cards worldwide.

Users residing in the European Financial Area (EEA), which reportedly includes 27 countries, will be able to access the cards starting in the second quarter of this year.

Andrea Ramoino, director of strategy at Solaris, said this is only the first step. So far, however, the company is only considering further initiatives in this area.

A lucrative interface is promised to users, and users with personal Huobi HT tokens will be rewarded with cash back. In the future, the company hopes to tie personal tokens more closely to cards. The virtual currency exchange also wants to offer users the benefits of a personal loyalty program.

Huobi immediately received 33 different tokens from the exchange in one day. The company said it is concerned about the risk of irresponsibility and weak trading power. Unable to load all totals. Repeated retries…

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