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Illuvium to Release Third Game on Blockchain in Early 2023

Australian blockchain game maker Illuvium will release an alpha version of Illuvium: Zero tomorrow.
Zero, which in good faith to the approximately 6,500 Illuvium-landed NFT hosts on mobile devices and PCs, joins the team’s two existing games, Illuvium: Arena and Illuvium: Overworld, which were released in

December and are both in beta testing. Access to all three is currently limited, however, and the company aims to fully unveil the universe by mid-2023.

Zero is an architectural game in which players are given every opportunity to develop and manage their personal “digital industrial estates.” Between individuals, landowners can cash in their NFTs by mining and selling fuel on the game’s trading floor.

Developed on the ImmutableX blockchain with an Unreal Engine 5 implementation, the Australian company Illuvium aims to create a product comparable to non-blockchain games.
Competing with the Mainstream

Web3 games struggle to compete with mainstream games. While some of the best AAA triple-play games attract millions of players per day, well-known blockchain games often struggle to reach that number per month.

Lack of interest in game content, hostility toward encryption, and highly addictive processes have all been cited as reasons for the lack of interest. Some of the best real-time inexpensive games still have very narrow gameplay. This is a fact that attracts Web 3 gaming enthusiasts, thanks to the money products integrated into the games.

It could be years before an actual product hits the market.
And while some major game studios, such as Square Enix, have made the leap to Web gaming, most studios are still hesitant. In that sense, Mojang Studios and Rockstar Games, developers of Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto, do not allow developers to apply NFT to their game servers.

Developers Steam, Valve, Microsoft and other major officials remain critical of the application of NFT and blockchain in their games. Could not load all totals.

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