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Income Movement Rightfulshare Says It Has Launched ‘First Unconditional’ Crypto UBI in South Africa

Income inequality has been a growing problem in South Africa, with many citizens unable to make ends meet. To help address this issue, Rightfulshare has announced the launch of its ‘first unconditional’ crypto-based universal basic income (UBI) program in South Africa. This is an exciting development for those who have long been advocating for UBI as a way to reduce poverty and promote economic stability.

Rightfulshare’s UBI program works by providing users with digital tokens that can be exchanged for goods and services within their local community or on the Rightfulshare platform itself. The tokens are distributed among eligible recipients based on their financial need, allowing them to purchase necessities such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care without having to worry about being able to afford it all upfront.
The idea behind this initiative is simple: by ensuring that everyone has access to enough money each month so they can cover essential expenses like rent or groceries without fear of falling into debt or destitution – regardless of where they live – people will be more likely lead healthier lives overall while also boosting local economies through increased spending power from individuals at all income levels .

In addition , Rightfulshare’s UBI system allows users full control over how much money they receive each month; if someone needs more than what’s provided initially ,they can easily request additional funds via the platform . Furthermore , since these payments are made using cryptocurrency rather than traditional fiat currencies , there isn’t any risk associated with inflationary pressures devaluing one’s purchasing power over time .

All things considered ,this new innovation from Rightfushare could potentially revolutionize how we think about addressing poverty worldwide ; not only does it provide immediate relief but it also offers sustainable solutions that empower individuals both financially and socially – something which no other form of aid currently offers today . It will certainly be interesting see just how successful this project turns out in practice !

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