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Indian game streaming platform, Loco partners with Avalanche

We are excited to announce that Loco, India’s leading live game streaming platform, has partnered with Avalanche to bring the best of gaming entertainment for its users. This partnership will enable Loco’s millions of gamers and streamers to access a wider range of games from some of the biggest names in gaming.

Avalanche is an innovative cloud-based game streaming service that allows players around the world to play their favorite games on any device without having to download or install them. With this new alliance between Loco and Avalanche, Indian gamers can now enjoy high-quality online gameplay experiences across multiple platforms such as PC, Mac and mobile devices – all within one single subscription plan!

The partnership also brings exciting features like cross-platform multiplayer options where users can join friends playing different titles on different platforms while still enjoying seamless gameplay experience; plus they get access to exclusive in-game content not available anywhere else! Additionally, this collaboration offers more opportunities for budding streamers who want exposure by broadcasting their streams directly through Avalanche via Loco’s platform – giving them greater reach among global audiences.

All these benefits make it easier than ever before for Indian gamers & streamers alike – no matter what type or genre they prefer –to stay connected with each other while enjoying top quality gaming experiences at home or on the go! So if you’re looking forward being part of an awesome community full amazing people sharing your passion for gaming then look no further than joining us here at LOCO powered by AVALANCHE today!.

Cryptonium Editors