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Indian web3 gaming studio Kratos raises seed round at $150M valuation, acquires IndiGG

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Kratos, India’s leading web3 gaming studio, has raised a seed round at an impressive $150 million valuation. This is great news for the Indian game development industry and cements Kratos’ position as one of the most innovative players in this space.

Kratos also announced that it had acquired IndiGG — a well-known mobile gaming studio based out of Delhi — as part of its growth strategy. The acquisition will help solidify Kratos’ presence in India and expand its portfolio with new titles across multiple genres like action-adventure games and real time strategy (RTS) games.

This move follows on from other successful investments by Kratos including their Series A funding round last year which saw them raise over $20 million from investors such as Y Combinator, Lightspeed Ventures Partners India & Accel Partners US among others. With these funds they have been able to accelerate their product roadmap while continuing to focus on delivering high quality experiences for gamers around the world through web3 technology.

By leveraging blockchain technology combined with cutting edge graphics engines like Unreal Engine 4 or Unity 3D ,Krato’s team is pushing boundaries when it comes to creating immersive worlds where gamers can explore without worrying about security issues or data privacy concerns .They are also looking into developing virtual economies within these worlds so players can trade items or currency securely using smart contracts .

We believe this move marks an important milestone not just for Indian game developers but also those around the world who are looking at ways they can leverage emerging technologies such as blockchain in order create better experiences for users everywhere!

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