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Introducing BNB Chain: The Evolution of Binance Smart Chain

Key Notes

The Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain are created by the BNB Chain.
With the MetaFi concept, the BNB chain creates a parallel virtual ecosystem infrastructure worldwide.
BNB, which stands for “Build and Build” (formerly known as Binance Coin), is a blockchain gas token that “facilitates” transactions in the BNB chain.

In 2017, Binance and BNB came on the scene; three years later, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was introduced to the world; as Binance grew bigger and stronger, so did the Binance Smart Chain; the BSC emerged as one of the DeFi Revolution, as the population began to use other growing interest in blockchain-based money solutions and applications. This leaves both Binance and BSC connected via


Beyond Binance.

BNB is more than basic Binance; BNB, along with BSC, contains a personal, living, breathing ecosystem. The vision is that everyone will one day own BNB and that is why it should be released. For BNB to realize its potential, Binance and BSC need to go their separate ways. Starting today, the Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will become the BNB Chain.

What is that BNB chain?

Innovation never slows down and it is clear that the future is looking beyond Binance to a world of over 1 billion users. metaFi is still considered an important part of this process, contributing to a future where interoperability makes life easier. the BNB chain goal is to build an infrastructure that supports a parallel virtual ecosystem around the world.

  • Open
  • Multi-chain
  • For creators and inventors
  • Unlicensed
  • Permanently decentralized
  • Binance and above
  • BNB Necklace materials include

BNB Beacon Chain (formerly Binance Chain) – BNB chain management (staking, voting)
BNB Smart Chain (BSC) (formerly Binance Smart Chain) – Compatible with EVM, Consensus Value, Multi-

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BNB (formerly known as BinanceCoin) stands for “build-and-build.” in addition to “fueling” transactions in the BNB chain (similar to gas in Ethereum), BNB also serves as a management token. ownership of BNB gives you the right to have your voice heard gives you the right to have your voice heard. With this name change, there are still incremental improvements that will benefit users, plans, and creators connected to the BNB chain community. In the last year, Chain Association BNB has implemented further technical upgrades to its latest decentralization.

The launch of the Bruno Hard Fork to facilitate BNB’s combustion.
New protocol for BNB burning considered fair and verifiable.
The BNB chain will continue to adopt large scale applications such as GameFi, SocialFi and Metaverse. In addition :

Scaling up from one chain to multiple chains
Increase in BSC capacity
Deployment of network management devices
Improve scalable reasoning and expand the set of BSC validators from 21 to 41 (20 validators will serve as challengers in the blockchain).

Above all, the BNB chain remains a community-driven, open and decentralized ecosystem. The help of the community of users, creators, validators, and agents is critical to its well-being, and as the BNB chain gets significant technical upgrades, it is time for the community to migrate to MetaFi.
MetaFi: When DeFi Faces Meta

Today, the texts Meta and MetaFi are used by professionals and companies worldwide. For the BNB chain, however, the introduction of the Meta text is not an acronym for “meta-universe,” but rather an “all-inclusive” or “means to an end. We love the term MetaFi, because it is a way of saying “all-inclusive” or “a means to an end.

MetaFi mixes two texts, “meta” for Meta Ecosystem and “Fi” for DeFi. metaFi is a concept that brings together different types of plans such as Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi, Web3, and NFT under one umbrella – MetaFi. It is a concept that brings together all the different types of plans under one umbrella – MetaFi. Unable to load all totals. Retrying…

This is likely due to the metadata that determines asset ownership. MetaFi combines a wide range of blockchain capabilities into a single meta-ecosystem that is interoperable thanks to specific metadata benchmarks used by different platforms and blockchains.

MetaFi has the ability to connect the complexity of DeFi products or exchangeable and non-exchangeable tokens or assets, combined with community management as a decentralized independent organization (DAO).

MetaFi aims to create and develop a new ecosystem filled with a variety of digital asset-based features that facilitate group deployment in the meta-universe and provide new use cases for users and players. Integrating data from all types of blockchain projects will result in a fully parallel ecosystem serving users worldwide.

This is not possible without a dimensional and interoperable plan with tiered functions and bridges that facilitate the transfer of large volumes of assets and data.

And it is precisely here that developers, manufacturers, and merchants have a unique opportunity to offer BNB-enabled MetaFi: the BNB Chain Association will build an infrastructure that supports a global parallel virtual ecosystem. Unable to load all totals. Retry…