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Jim Cramer again advises against investing in cryptocurrency

As the federal investigation into virtual currency mogul Barry Silbert’s digital currency group begins, CNBC chief Jim Cramer urged traders to be as careful as possible. He tweeted that it is never too late to sell investments in cryptocurrencies.

Cramer recently called virtual currencies “money made by idiots.” Putting Litecoin owners in the category of “idiots,” he was quick to disagree with Litecoin owners.

According to a major money news text, he never estimated the likelihood of investing in cryptocurrencies due to regulatory uncertainty.

He also spoke of his sad experiment with a cryptocurrency firm that tried to get out of his way. In this connection, Cramer called for the Securities and Exchange Commission to conduct a test of the virtual currency market.

For example, at some point in the past Jim Cramer became an admirer of Bitcoin, but he did not understand the main issue. With a modest income and autonomous bitcoin savings, he could have withdrawn from any platform with no problem. Unable to load all totals. Repeated retries…