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Korea’s Biggest Exchange to Support Airdrop For XRP Holders

UpBit, South Korea’s largest crypto exchange, recently announced its support for the xCORE airdrop. This airdrop is aimed at holders of XRP and Sologenic (SOLO) tokens who will receive 25 million xCORE each.

The snapshot date for the upcoming airdrop was set by Coreum last December — March 24th at 13:00 KST or 04:00 UTC — but UpBit noted that this date could be subject to change depending on new developments in the project. The distribution of tokens to eligible users will take place on May 15th as per Coreum’s announcement.

This news comes after UpBit has made several other moves this year towards increasing customer engagement with their platform and expanding their userbase across Asia Pacific markets such as Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. In addition to announcing support for various projects such as DeFi initiatives like Uniswap V3 launchpad listings earlier in 2021 they have also introduced an array of special promotions designed to reward customers who use their services frequently or make larger trades over time on Upbit Exchange platforms throughout APAC countries mentioned above .

This latest move from Upbit is sure to attract more attention both domestically within South Korea & abroad from users interested in participating in future xCore Airdrops while allowing them access these opportunities through one convenient platform – something which should not only help increase overall trading volumes & liquidity but also encourage further adoption among mainstream investors looking into exploring cryptocurrency investments options available today!

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