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Largest Cardano NFT Marketplace Enables Purchases with ETH and SOL

JPG Store, the largest NFT trading platform on the Cardano blockchain, has launched the ability for users to purchase NFT Cardano in Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) through a partnership with San Francisco-based NFT Winter. Winter allows users to sell NFTs via credit card.

JPG Store recently announced the development via its official Twitter account. You can now buy Cardano NFTs at ETH or SOL,” an explainer said in a tweet on Tuesday, sharing instructions for using the newly introduced feature.

You can now buy Cardano NFT at ETH or SOL 🤯.
Read how it works below 👇pic. twitter. com/VIhldVXVn5
– jpg. store (@jpgstoreNFT) December 20, 2022.

To use this feature, follow these steps

Find the NFT you wish to purchase on the JPG Store platform and select SOL or ETH from the drop-down menu to pay.

Connect your ETH or SOL wallet to the winter page that appears.
Select the Cardano wallet to which you want to send the selected NFTs, sign the transaction, and you are done.

The JPG Store team thanks Pixlverse, co-founder of the Metaverse experience platform, for encouraging us to come up with something unique to develop. The Cardano community has successfully embraced this unique feature, with some supporters welcoming SOL and ETH holders into the Cardano NFT space.
The Cardano NFT scene has grown significantly recently, with Crypto Basic noting that 15 Cardano NFT trading platforms generated a combined trading volume of $450 million in September, with over 7, 000 NFT projects at the time.

JPG Store Record Milestone

Since its launch several months ago, JPG Store has taken several steps to ensure the smooth running of its NFT trading platform on Cardano. Within three months of its launch, the platform became the largest NFT trading platform in the Cardano network; in February, the platform banked over 140, 000 NFTs.

Lithuanian dApp platform DappRadar currently ranks JPG Store as the fourth largest NFT trading platform on the virtual currency scene, behind OpenSea, Magic Eden, and AtomicMarket. the number of transactions on the JPG store increased by 30% to over 32 000 transactions.

Platform volume also increased 16% the day before to $282,000. In addition, according to the October report, the JPG Store had the most unique accounts of any decentralized Cardano application at the time – 114 000 unique accounts.

On July 8, a few months after launch, JPG Store partnered with online service Moonpay to integrate its services into the platform. This integration allows users to purchase ADA directly from JPG Store through the integrated service.