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MetaMask Announces Ethereum Stacking Feature

MetaMask announced the launch of a feature that will allow users to stack Ethereum on January 13. Stacking has become a major source of income for virtual currency enthusiasts after the Ethereum ecosystem moved to a new consensus method.

Unlike PoW, where blockchain transactions are verified through an energy-intensive process, the method of proving ownership relies on validators who do the stacking, maintain the ecosystem, and profit from their own work.

However, regular users face special challenges. The process is considered expensive and requires stacking more than 32 Ether coins. At the current exchange rate, this is worth $45,000. Additionally, during the stacking phase, the coins are blocked by the blockchain, making them inaccessible to users for a period of time.

The new MetaMask staking feature allows enthusiasts to enter the stacking universe based on inexpensive criteria, and Abad Meehan, MetaMask’s chief cryptocurrency wallet manager, said the new feature is a global update of the Ethereum ecosystem and will certainly help users who are still critical of the
It is worth noting that the wallet has been criticized by the community because it was discovered that the store was collecting data about its own users.

Previously, Crypto editor. ru reports, U.S. bureaucrat Watt Emmer openly criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission and its chief, Gary Gensler.

The legislator believes that the South American regulator’s current actions only harm small traders and offer no solution to the system’s problems. Surprisingly, the SEC recently filed complaints against virtual currencies Genesis and Gemini. Supporters of the regulators alleged that the organizations illegally offered options for securities trading. All totals are unreadable.

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