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Mobile game developer Aeria Canada Studio announces move to Web3

Aeria Canada Studio has partnered with Ready Games to bring its famous game to Web3. This reports Block.

The company’s product will be redesigned to integrate NFT and add new online infrastructure features.
The changes primarily affected the game Rescue Robots: Sniper Survival, which has been downloaded more than 5 million times from Google’s store application.

According to a text from an expert in Ready Games, this new initiative will be a re-bazaar of gaming asset trading.

Some major gambling companies are skeptical of Web3 in that they do not take the application of NFTs in games seriously. For example, Mojang Studios, the brains behind Minecraft, has scrapped the integration of non-exchangeable tokens; Valve Corporation has banned blockchain-based games on Steam; the makers of Rockstar Games recently announced that their NFTs and other digital assets on third-party servers for its Grand Theft Auto game.

In contrast to skeptics, David Bennum, head of Ready Games, believes that some of the nuances of the new online generation will likely be “very interesting” to Web2 gamers.
First and foremost,” the chief executive explained, “they [users] will be given full ownership of the assets they acquire, backed by on-chain contracts.

Also, according to his text, there is always the possibility that a digital object can be transferred from one game to another. This increases the value of the asset.

Ready Games’ integration with Web3 began very recently, earlier this year; in May, the plan raised $3 million in a token sale.

Fenix Games was interested in $150 million to purchase, financially support, and distribute blockchain games. All totals are not loaded.

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