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nDapp.org updated with GAS reward calculator; GasBot adds giveaway command

Welcome to nDapp.org! We are excited to announce some great updates for our platform that will make it even easier for you and your team to develop decentralized applications on Ethereum.

First, we have added a GAS reward calculator so you can easily calculate the amount of GAS needed for each transaction in your dApp development process. This tool makes it easy to estimate the costs associated with deploying and running smart contracts on Ethereum, allowing developers more control over their budgeting process while they work on their projects.

In addition, we’ve also integrated GasBot into our platform which adds a new “giveaway command” feature that allows users to send out free tokens or other assets as rewards or incentives within their dApps without having any coding knowledge required! This is an incredibly powerful tool that can help increase engagement among users by providing incentive-based rewards directly from within the application itself – no extra setup required!

Finally, all of these features are now available together in one place at nDapp.org – making it easier than ever before for teams of developers and entrepreneurs alike create amazing decentralized applications with ease.. So what are you waiting for? Get started today building your own awesome dApp using our updated tools here at nDapp!

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