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New GameFi cryptocurrency ALT blew up the Korean market

The day before November 23, 2022, the virtual currency ArchLoot (ALT) was trading on the Bithumb exchange. In the first 24 hours, this virtual asset became the most famous among investors on the Korean platform. Market members secured trades of up to $140 million for the required amount. Of this amount, $128.77 million or 91.5% came from the ALT/KRW pair.

At 8:45 PM Moscow time on November 24, 2022, the cryptocurrency ALT was at $1.07. At the same time, the market capitalization of tokens entering the profession was only $1, 392 million.
According to official information, ArchLoot is a content-based game (UGC) based on non-transaction tokens (NFT), with buildability and playability in a Loot (mining-oriented) way.

Developed based on the BNB chain, this startup guarantees interactive gameplay where you can create, control and flip virtual characters and various props. It is destined to form an ecosystem that will encompass parts of the game and bring together a creative community. It invites users to actually make money with cryptocurrency.

The startup team consists of 40 people, working on product development and living in real time on different continents. The plan is to slowly expand its network of merchants and partners. This includes promotional arrangements with Binance NFT, FBG Capital, Alphabet, and YGG SEA.

Developers are working on a plan to create a unique gaming ecosystem that balances simplicity, accessibility, gamification, and innovation. The goal is to freeze one of our GameFi 2.0 favorites.
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