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New Record Set for Bone ShibaSwap Holders

Cryptocurrency association BONEARMY noted that a shibarium ecosystem token called Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) has hit an all-time high. The virtual asset is owned by 67, 000 users, the tweet said. These results were achieved on the eve of the start of beta testing of the new Value 2 blockchain, announced not long ago by its creator.

Shiba Inu’s management tokens and key properties of the Shibarium ecosystem set a record for notoriety. 67, 199 holders of BONE as of writing this announcement at 4:10 PM Capital Time on January 17, 2023.

Optimism about the imminent launch of Shibarium had another impact on the price of the virtual asset.
BONE soared 3.5% on the day to close at $1.39. The virtual asset’s market capitalization was $226.4 million, putting it in 130th place in the ranking of the world’s best digital assets. The day before, its value had risen by 15%. In this case, the total size of transactions over the past 24 hours fell 59% to just $7.75 million.

The cryptocurrency was sold not only on DEX Uniswap, but also on the centralized MEXC, BKEX, and LBank.

As part of the protocol, BONE is considered a token for validators and participants’ gas payments and charges. according to the Shiba Inu team, the virtual property is intended to ensure the functionality of transactions in the new Shibarium network. heimdall Validator and Bor The validator maintains the security of the blockchain functionality by managing the blockchain production nodes and pre-overlays a certain number of BONE tokens. A minimum of 10, 000 coins must be set aside to obtain validator status.

To simplify access to tools and functionality, the ShibaSwap DEX will be integrated into the platform. In addition, this will allow users and validators/delegates to quickly access all major network wagering pools and liquidity. Unable to load all totals.

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