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Nexo denies involvement in fraudulent activity

Supporters of cryptocurrency lender Nexo have categorically denied allegations made by Bulgarian prosecutors following the arrest of four supposed employees of the organization, saying Nexo cannot prove at this time that all detainees were employees of the company.

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office said at a recent press conference that it had arrested several local residents accused of tax crimes and money laundering using digital currency. Meanwhile, Nexo supporters said they would only provide loans with additional collateral.

The expert also stressed that the investigation by the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office and the recent search of the company’s offices were politically motivated. It was emphasized that law enforcement officials in the district do not have even a superficial understanding of blockchain, financial institutions, and the competitive market in general.

Yesterday, Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office announced a major investigation against Sofia-based Nexo, which it said was “a very serious case” against the company. The company’s users have begun to exit the platform en masse, although it is not yet clear how the situation will develop further.

Rather, reports: the Nexo platform is under investigation and its supporters are accused of money laundering and tax evasion. It should be noted that Bulgarian law enforcement agencies suspect several employees of funding terrorist groups.

According to investigations, more than 300 people may have been involved in criminal activity. It was emphasized that over the course of several months, appropriate precedents have been accumulated that could justify the crimes of the Nexo organization. I cannot read all the results. Repeat, repeat, repeat…

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